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Victorinox Explorer – Best Buy




£46 www.victorinox.com

For the majority of walkers and backpackers, the Explorer will be more than enough to take on day or multiday trips. Some may baulk at the weight penalty (101g) and while there’s some things here I wouldn’t bother with, others are very useful. In the former category – a second, smaller blade, and a reamer… but in the former – who could manage on an European summer hike without a corkscrew, both flathead and Philips screwdrivers, and nail scissors. The magnifying glass and tweezers are particularly welcome, and perfect for splinter and tick removal. I carry this type of (traditional, ‘swiss army’) knife with me every day I spend outdoors. If you don’t need to fix skis, climbing kit or crampons and therefore don’t need a pair of pliers, then look no further than the Explorer.

VERDICT: Tried and true miniature multitool.

BEST FOR: Walking, backpacking, family and general use.