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Thermarest Capella

£170 (Reg) £175 (Long)

I really like sleeping in this women’s synthetic bag – it stands out for feeling particularly warm when tested, with compressible, almost down-like fill. It’s comfort rated to 0°C, and I’ve been using it in my unheated campervan in Scotland over the winter without once feeling cold, despite temperatures dropping well below freezing outside. The bag is lined with reflective ThermaCapture fabric which traps radiated heat. The fabric is quite noisy, which will not be to everyone’s taste, but I quickly got used to it. Other quirks include a foot warmer pouch, and “Synergylink Connectors”- loops underneath to secure the bag to a sleeping pad on sloping ground. These make sitting up in bed a bit awkward and add to the weight but could easily be removed. The women’s specific design means that the regular length is quite short (163cm, weight 1250g) so I tested the extra long (183cm and 1360g).


Review by Lucy Wallace @snoweider