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Teko Explorer Merino Multiactivity Socks – Green Leader




£32.31 for 2 pairs www.tekoforlife.co.uk

I’m not sure if these qualify for a bike specific test if I’m honest, but they do work equally well as running and cycling footwear, so that’s twice as much sock for the price, right?

The fabric is Teko’s SIN3RGI, a mix of merino and recycled polyester and provides a good balance of warmth, whiff resistance and a faster drying speed. There’s all manner of tech embedded here, from an ‘achilles wrap’ around the ankle to air channels and a ‘ripple system’ to improve wicking around the low cuff. All of this is invisible to the wearer, as it should be, and makes for a very fitted and comfortable wear. These are mid weight with some cushioning, so full immersion will cause the sock to wet out and stay wet for a good while, but they do remain comfortable while wet. Eco credentials are generally excellent with Teko – the merino wool is bluesign approved and uses no chlorine, the synthetics are recycled, the dyes are non-toxic and transportation and packaging is kept to a minimum.

▶ Best for: Perfect for all types of cycling and running.

▶ Verdict: Extremely comfortable and well fitted sock in a hybrid, eco-friendlier fabric.

Review by David Lintern @davidjlintern