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T3K Kids’ Marvel Insulated Jacket

£30 www.gooutdoors.co.uk

There’s really not much to this, but it’s been one of the pleasant surprises in this showcase. T3K is a range of kids clothing from Hi Gear, and this is a simple synthetic ‘puffy’ style layer that can be worn on its own, but is also cut just right to fit under a shell when it’s cold or wet. There are two handwarmer pockets and one internal zippered pocket, very comfy lined elastic on the hem and cuffs, a fairly high collar and a simple, plastic zip, with the fun addition of a tiny compass in the zip pull itself. Worn with a waterproof and layers underneath, this becomes part of a really effective layering system for your mini adventurer. Initially, I’d wondered at the lack of a hood, but actually that’s a real plus – one less thing to get damp or in the way. Inexpensive, gender neutral and very flexible clothing – the little one loves it.

VERDICT: Simple but very effective synthetic puffy that works well in a layering system. 

BEST FOR: Shoulder season warmer-upper, and can be easily combined with more layers for winter use.  

Review by David Lintern @selfpwrd and daughter