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Swim Secure Wild Swim Bag

£35 www.swimsecure.co.uk

It’s a clever idea — a tow float, visibility marker, dry bag and rucksack in one. I put a few essentials into it and put it on, using the shoulder, waist and chest straps to support the load. When I arrived at the water’s edge, I then unclipped these straps, put them inside with my clothes, used the airflow valve to inflate it and was ready for a point-to-point swim. How brilliant is that? There is plenty of room in this 30-litre bag for a good amount of clothes plus towel and camera. As with many multi-functional products, there are, of course, compromises. As a visibility marker, the fluorescent orange colour is ideal. As a rucksack, it’s a bit less cool. As a tow float and dry bag, the durable Nylon/PVC material is reassuring. As a rucksack the fabric is a bit thick and heavy. It doesn’t make the most comfortable rucksack — you wouldn’t want to walk too far with it. However, on the whole, this is a brilliant simple design that will last a lifetime.

▶Verdict: A brilliant multi-functional idea but not great for long hikes.

▶Best for: Point-to-point swimming adventures.

Review by Sarah Stirling @sarahstirling