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Snugpak Enhanced Patrol Poncho

£42.95 www.snugpak.com

As a change from the waterproof jacket and trousers combination, this poncho was a revelation. In warmer temperatures, particularly in Europe, it worked well to keep me dry and well ventilated. The hood has drawcords to keep the rain out – I felt a hooded cap worked well underneath to keep the rain off your face. Thumb loops keep the sleeves in place and it has two pockets, one large one on the front with Velcro closure, and a through pocket which you can put your hands into, great if you want to rest your arms or warm your hands up. There is a zip at the neck to help you to adjust the airflow. It fits a rucksack underneath, but I needed help to get the poncho over my bigger rucksack. It weighs less than 400g and comes in a stuff sack, so it fits easily in your pack. The only issue was in high wind it tended to fly up a little.

► Verdict: Perfect for downpours, just not too much wind.

► Best for: Trekking in warmer climates.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70