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Salomon Sense Pro Short

£65 www.salomon.com

Incredibly lightweight running shorts with an inner, these are fantastically comfortable either worn on their own, or with a pair of tights underneath for the colder weather. The fabric is the brand’s proprietary ‘37.5’ technology, which feels incredibly flimsy and they reckon dries 5 times faster than others. I haven’t tested that claim exactly, but they certainly dry quickly, and, um, the liner holds your essentials in place without bouncing, chaffing or undue perspiration!

It’s hard to believe, but there are actually 3 pockets on board too – in the small of the back, under the tummy and a smaller key pocket on the side. Because of the very sketchy material the pockets fore and aft will accommodate a variety of items – buffs and hats aren’t a problem, though I might struggle to get a windshirt in there as Salomon suggest. These are superb, and weigh almost nothing at 87g for the medium.

► Verdict: Faultlessly lightweight, stretchy and practical running shorts.

► Best for: All types of running, could be used for warm weather hiking too.

Review by David Lintern @davidjlintern