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Regatta Vettis

£50 www.regatta.com

A number of companies make appealing merino baselayers, and British-based outdoor stalwart Regatta is no exception. However, the Vettis’ fabric mingles 20% of that famously odour-repellent wool with 80% polyester to make a garment that’s both fairly smooth to the touch and relatively quick wicking. The fit is pleasant, but definitely more pyjama-like than athletic, and while the decent length of the hem is appealing it’s a shame that the neck is so open – as this inhibits the top’s ability to trap warmth around the area most likely to lose it. Pair them with the matching baselayer bottoms, however, and you’ve got a set that would suit winter sports and wild camping equally well. The price is representative of the cost of merino wool, and although high you are getting an effective hybrid product that for some people may tread exactly the right line between the values of synthetic and natural fibres.

VERDICT: A loose fitting hybrid top best suited to expedition bedtimes.

BEST FOR: Travel.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel