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Real Turmat Meals

£9-16 www.realturmat.se

At the luxury end of the prepared dried food market, the Norwegian Real Turmat range is possibly the best tasting outdoors grub I’ve tried. The chocolate museli breakfast was rich, creamy, not too sweet and filling, and for dinner I tried cous cous with lentil and spinach – really herby, savoury and delicious. There are a huge range of options available, especially if you eat meat. Packaging was fairly minimal and the outer can be folded in half to take less room in your rucksack. Prep was simple – tear off the top, add boiling water to the fill line and wait for 8-10mins, giving a good stir at the start and at the end. I’d say the evening meal I tried was more of a summer portion, and at 420kj, there are more calorie dense meals available for less money (see Dan’s review). They really aren’t cheap, but the taste was excellent. Weights vary according to recipe, but around 130g.

Review by David Lintern @selfpwrd