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Primus Stainless Steel Vacuum Trailbottle

£26 (0.5l)/ £28 (0.7l) www.primus.eu

The 0.5l version is short and study, and fits easily into a rucksack. It is wider than a standard flask but at 340g it isn’t heavy and it fit easily in my hand (smaller hands may find it a little large). It was easy to grip, even in the rain or with cold hands, thanks to its powder coating. The wide neck made cleaning it simpler than a standard flask, and it is wide enough to allow you to use a spoon if you wanted something more substantial than a drink. On test fluids remained hot for around nine hours (depending on the number of times you open the cap). Some may prefer a cup to cool the liquid rather than drinking straight from the bottle. The only heat loss is through the cap. The cap’s substantial rubberised strap remained strong and in position, so you could easily hang the full bottle by the strap without it coming loose. It comes in four colours, the brighter red, blue and green versions mean you won’t easily lose it if you put it down.

► Verdict: A solid choice for anyone who wants a durable flask.

► Best for: Any activities where you’ll want a hot (or cold) drink without a cup.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70