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Petzl Vasak Crampons – Best Buy




£120 www.petzl.com

The Vasak crampons are a 12-point pair weighing around 870g between them. Their mean appearance is entirely justified, as these are exactly the kind of tools you’ll need to tackle glaciers, gullies and icefields. They’re easily adjustable for size, with pins in the body allowing you to expand or contract them as necessary, whilst the heel clip and locking strap mechanism are as reliable and reassuring as any method I’ve yet tested. They’re also not dependent upon your boot carrying a heel welt, so they should fit any boot stiff enough to carry them regardless of that feature. I was particularly impressed by the shape of the “ANTISNOW” system fitted to each crampon’s underside – essentially a rubber fitting which prevents the buildup of snow between the points, which is an excellent safety feature. The points are aggressive and work well for biting into ice and snow, and I’ve not felt conscious of them whilst they’ve been strapped to my boots. They also compress down nicely for storage in your pack when not in use.

VERDICT: Light, aggressive and secure in their fitting. A very good crampon.

BEST FOR: Regular winter users.

Review by Dan Aspel @mountainmeeple