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Petzl Sm’D Twist Lock Carabiner

£16 www.petzl.com

This twist lock carabiner is a great addition to your climbing arsenal. It is lightweight at only 46g and feels comfortable in your hand thanks to its size and D shape. The twist lock is very easy to use with one hand, particularly in gloves, as the textured finish makes it easy to grip. This type of carabiner gives you a feeling of security, removing the uncertainty of knowing if you closed it fully as with traditional screw lock carabiners (although you may find it hard not to automatically do the ‘squeeze test’ to check it is locked). The bright colour makes it easy to recognise among the other gear on your rack, particularly the red twist lock. It can be used in lots of situations, I found it excelled when being quickly deployed to construct an anchor quickly and for attaching a belay plate.

► Verdict: A fantastic addition to your climbing rack.

► Best for: Any climbing where you want to move fast and light.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70