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Outdoor Provisions All Natural Energy Bars

£7-£27 www.outdoorprovisions.co.uk/

I’m from the ‘Keep it simple, stupid’ school of eating outdoors, so I tend to take energy foods that promise higher performance with a healthy dose of salt (not literally – ed). However, these guys have kept it simple, and their bars really are great. They are made of all natural ingredients, completely vegan and contain no refined sugars; just dried nuts, oats, fruits and seeds. I particularly like the fact the packaging contains no plastic and are compostable – not that we should be dropping wrappers, but who hasn’t had one blow away by accident, if we’re honest? There’s a rapidly expanding range of flavours, none of which are too sweet and all of which seem to avoid the rush and crash of processed sugar hill treats. My favourite is the Bara Brith (it reminds me of my nan’s tea cake!) but all are chewy, dense and satisfying and pack into the corner of a running or cycling pack for a big energy boost. The company is a new startup run by two proper outdoors geeks, and so far they are distributing in the Lakes and the Peak District including Alpkit stores, trail and visitor centres… as well as online, where you can also get a 30% discount on first orders.

▶Best for: Anything outdoorsy.

▶Verdict: Full of healthy, tasty energy, very packable and low waste – what more could we ask for?

Review by David Lintern @davidjlintern