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Optimus Crux Lite with Terra Solo Cook System

£65 www.optimusstoves.com

Even including the free Optimus Bob sponge (yes, it does sound like a lame Transformer) this whole setup weighs just 272g. That’s hugely impressive, and the design of the Terra Solo pots (which includes a 0.6l central unit and a minuscule frying pan) is such that even with a 100g gas canister enclosed alongside the heat exchanger there’s still potentially room inside or within the mesh carrying pouch to include some folding cutlery or some equally minimalist food – such as a sachet of couscous. Plus, when fully cinched up there’s zero rattle in transit. It’s also very efficient, boiling 250ml of water in 2:30 in sheltered conditions. However, this minimalism comes at a price. Primarily that’s in the lack of wind protection, of which there is none. You’ll need to use this stove in well-protected positions, despite its powerful output, which does negate that to some degree. Also on the minus side is the slightness of the support arms attached to the burner, requiring some vigilance during use to maintain the stove’s balance. The price is extremely appealing for the quality, however.

VERDICT: A bare-bones, well-priced lightweight option for experienced users.

BEST FOR: Minimalists.

 Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel