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Lowe Pro Powder Backpack 500AW

£309.95 www.lowepro.com

When I’m not editing OE, I guide and tutor photographers across Scotland, and this has been on some of those trips. It’s is a 55litre, camera specific backpack geared specifically towards those who need to carry DSLR, spare lenses and plenty of other gear into the mountains – especially snowy ones – as the name suggests. The front and side pockets will accommodate a full size tripod, 15”laptop, and winter gear like an ice axe, skis and poles. There are two spacious pockets in the floating lid, which opens to reveal a further cavernous space for food, spare clothing and safety kit. Camera gear is accessed from the back of the pack (when it’s off) behind a corrugated protective panel, zipped open to expose the usual array of adjustable lens compartments – this box is also completely removable. The pack carries really well, with the weight transferred to the hips via a wide hipbelt (with yet more pockets), and it stands upright without support when placed on the ground. There’s even a water-resistant cover. My only real reservations are the price, and weight; it’s a whopping 2.4kg, which can be felt on the back even when empty. Wildlife photographers may also prefer a more muted colour, and there isn’t quite enough spare capacity here for more than an overnight bivi, but otherwise the Powder 500AW is built to last and really well thought out.

Review by David Lintern @davidjlintern