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LittleBig Growing Balance Bike

£220 www.littlebigbikes.com

This is nothing short of genius, and the rightful recipient of a Red Dot design award honourable mention. It’s a two-wheeled chariot that grows with your child, equipped with an adjustable frame and retrofit-able pedalset. As they grow the frame can grow with them, before the balance bike transforms into a regular cycle with the addition of pedals and chain. The aluminium frame, steel forks and components are all high quality and I’d expect this burly set of wheels to go the distance and last our daughter until age 7 as advertised. It’s really great to see product design that’s about durability and longevity in our throwaway society, especially for kids. For smaller people, the height, length and weight of the balance bike can be a little unwieldy at first. Our 2 year old didn’t manage so well, but now she’s 2 ½ she’s growing into it. She still can’t reach the brakes, but it’ll be a while before she’ll need them anyway. So, while there are smaller and lighter balance bikes out there for when they first start out, none will transform into a regular bike and I’ve yet to see another that’s as durably constructed. Free shipping in the UK and Ireland, designed and assembled in Ireland too, the LittleBig bike is a fantastic Christmas gift, and highly recommended for ages 3-7. David Lintern

VERDICT: Adaptable and durable bike for toddlers upwards.

BEST FOR: Parents who want to invest once. Slightly bigger kids.

Review by David Lintern @selfpwrd