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Lifestraw Steel personal water filter


A higher value upgrade of the standard – and inspirational – Lifestraw, carry this 160g, 21cm long shiny blue tube with you and you’ll be able to drink river, stream, puddle or lake water (anything non-saline) while straining out 99.9 per cent of water-borne bacteria, protozoa and even some chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides and fertilisers. This makes hiking into the Lake District or along the Ouse without risking an upset stomach or carrying clean water a reality. You can even ditch your bottle in water-rich areas. The replaceable hollow fibre micro filter is claimed to last 1,000 litres while the carbon capsule (which aids the taste and assists the main filter) will last 100 litres. Positives are that it’s light, slim and easy to deploy (lying down to gradually suck up river water is quite entertaining!). Downsides are that it doesn’t filter out viruses, so bear that in mind if you’re travelling somewhere there’s a risk of Hepatitis A. Buy it if you’re looking for a fun alternative/addition to boiling, treating or zapping your water with UV light. DA


Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel