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Lifestraw Steel – Filter

£55 www.lifestraw.com

A compact filter system, which allows you to drink straight from the source. The Lifestraw is 21cm long, with a lid on either end. You dunk one end in a pool or stream, and suck with the other. It’s a two stage filter, one being carbon and the other being a tried and true ‘hollow fibre’ technology. (Reed beds have been used to filter water for centuries at least). Because it’s a filter it won’t eliminate viruses but should remove bacteria and protozoa. The manufacturer reckons it should last for 1000 litres, with the carbon capsule needing replacement every three months. I found the Lifestraw to be very compact but tricky to use in the field. I couldn’t get a continuous flow going from source to mouth, and had to upend the unit to ‘free’ the water. To that end, a small amount of water can be stored on the go, but this isn’t an option for transferring clean water to a separate container. Lightweight at 160g.

VERDICT: A slimline filtering solution for water on the go.

BEST FOR: Runners and backpackers in UK and Europe, where water is in plentiful supply.

Review by David Lintern @selfpwrd