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La Sportiva Trango Cube GTX

£290 www.lasportiva.com

The price and technical appearance of the Trango Cube GTX are no mistake: this is an alpine boot for serious mountain adventures. What might prompt a double take is the weight rating: a mere 730g (UK9). Given that this is the kind of boot that’s just as comfortable halfway up the Matterhorn as it is on the top of Ben Macdui you’d expect it something heavier, but all that money has gone into something other than just lightweight materials. There’s also design innovation at work, including a waterproof thermo plastic coating which runs across half of the upper and reduces the need for stitching, and a bespoke low-profile Vibram sole which trims down the amount of rubber required and thus shaves off further grams. In use you can really feel (or, rather, not feel) this impressive lightness, although it’s important to bear in mind that the heel and arch-hugging last is aimed more at climbing than it is at walking – as the B2 rating suggests. Waterproofing comes via a Gore-Tex lining.

VERDICT: A technical alpine boot that can be used across the seasons, but is best applied to steep rock and challenging ground. 

BEST FOR: Alpinists. 

Review by Dan Aspel @mountainmeeple