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Kalenji Kiprun GPS 550 – Best Buy




£89.99 www.decathlon.co.uk

This light and streamlined GPS watch has a familiar interface and commands, making it intuitive to set up and use. The Decathlon Connect app is easy to install on your phone and, once synchronised, provides all the information you need for individual activities and summaries. The black and white screen looks a little dated, but it functions well and the backlight ensures you get a clear image. The soft, rubbery strap is comfortable on your wrist with lots of options to ensure you get the perfect size and the watch face is light and slim. USB charging is simple, but it is needed daily if you use the GPS function regularly. The GPS is slow to locate – at the start of a run you can wait over two minutes – but you can get around this by setting it off to locate the satellite before you put your shoes on and step out of the house. It regularly required the firmware updating, which took three minutes each time where you couldn’t use the watch. This got rather tedious after a few days. Once in action, the watch performed well.

▶ Verdict: No frills or fuss, a standard set of features.

▶ Best for: Anyone (with some patience) training on a budget.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70