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Jetboil Mighty Mo and 1.5L Flux Ring Pan

£60 and £69.99 www.jetboil.com

The Mighty Mo stove is small, weighing 95g and fitting in the palm of your hand. The igniter makes it easy to light with a simple push button. The pan supports fold away easily when cool. The big benefit of this stove is that you can simmer, and the stove does this well, offering a good range of burn strengths. On full power it took just over 3 minutes to achieve a rolling boil. The Flux Ring Pan, which compliments the stove, holds a larger volume than the Jetboil cup, so it works well if you won’t be camping alone. The 1.5l capacity comes right to the brim of the pan so when at full boil it bubbles over. It also comes with a warning that any food in the pan should have a high liquid content otherwise it burns, and I did find this to be the case! The pot is quite wide, weighing 340g, so it fills a lot of room in your rucksack, but it was possible to store both stove and food securely inside. The plastic lid and flux ring protector also double as plates. The fold away handles are sturdy, even when the pan is full, and it has an insulating band around it to protect you from burns. The only issue is that after testing two of these Mighty Mo stoves, the metal fixing near the base comes loose at one of the joints and means the stove (and the contents of the pan on top) are not completely stable – a real problem with a pan of boiling water. This also seems to affect the igniter. At the time this went to print Jetboil were still looking into the issue.

► Verdict: A good addition to a camper’s arsenal (once the stability issue is fixed).

► Best for: Cooking fast and efficiently, especially if you aren’t alone.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70