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Icon Lifesaver Bottle – Purifier

£149.99 www.iconlifesaver.eu

Another all in one bottle purifier, claiming to remove 99.9% of virus’s, bacteria and protozoa, this is designed with a heavy duty carbon filter and will carry 750ml of dirty water, which gets cleaned as and when it’s needed. There are three sizes available – I used the 4000UF, about the size and shape of a soda bottle, which the manufacturer reckons is good for 1-2 people and will filter 4000 litres of water before a new filter is required. Icon reckon the unit will last for ten years if unused. They have a good track record within the military and in aid scenarios such as the Philippines flood and in Iraq, although I have reservations about tying remote communities into a closed loop system, if the filters can only be purchased from the parent company. The unit does appear to work very well for extreme environments – places where there is little chance the water won’t kill you – but in my less extreme test, I found it to be bulky and heavy, as well as leak from the top nozzle. Weight 720g.

VERDICT: On the bulky side, but a very comprehensive purifier for really filthy water.

BEST FOR:  Humanitarian aid, military or serious jungle expeditions.

Review by David Lintern @selfpwrd