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Icebreaker Sprite Racerback Bra and Hotpants

£45 and £33 http://uk.icebreaker.com

Whilst I was converted to merino base layers a long time ago, I’ve held back with undies – the thought of wool in sensitive areas makes me nervous. I was pleasantly surprised to find on testing them that comfort is not an issue as the 150g/sq.m merino wool is ultra soft with no trace of itchiness. The bra gives light support and would work best for smaller chested women. There are pockets for adding a support cup (not supplied) or a prosthetic. The hot pants are a flattering and practical shape perfect for active people. Merino wool has great odour management properties making these a good investment for expeditions where washing facilities are in short supply.

VERDICT: Expensive, but lovely for light impact activities.

BEST FOR: Trekking, ski, yoga.

Review by Lucy Wallace @snoweider