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Helinox Chair Zero

£105 www.helinox.com

A concession to my aging joints, this is the brands lightest, most packable chair, weighing in at just under 500g. Packed up, it’s about the size of a medium sized flask. Out of the bag, the 1 piece DAC tube frame unravels and a single piece of tough fabric is stretched over the four key points. That’s it. It takes seconds to do, although it’s easier if you put the chair on its back to do the lower ‘prongs’. The brand reckon it’ll support 120kg, and the frame is green anodised without the use of toxic acids.

In use, you are low to the ground but it’s surprisingly stable and comfortable. It’s possible to stretch out your legs and still stay in the chair, and there’s some flexibility in the frame which means you can ‘rock’ a little, but without falling over. It adds a fair bit of comfort and civility to camp.

► Verdict: A lightweight and well-built but minimalist chair.

► Best for: Cycle touring, family camping.

Review by David Lintern @davidjlintern