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Helinox Chair Zero

£105 www.helinox.com

The first thing you will notice about this chair is its size, it compacts down to 35x10x10cm and weighs only 490g. I found it a great companion for popping in the car or my pack because it takes up so little space. Despite its small pack size, the chair itself is perfect for adults and children thanks to its low position and it can take up to 120kg. It is comfortable to sit in, supportive and feels a little like a hammock. It is very fast and simple to erect and stow thanks to the shockcord aluminium poles. Its short back (64cm) means it doesn’t have a head rest like larger camping chairs, but this didn’t feel necessary. It is expensive when compared to larger, bulkier camping chairs but its packability and featherweight make it worth the cost.

► Best for: Camping anywhere, thanks to its size and weight.

► Verdict: Lightweight, compact and comfortable.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70