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G-Shock Gulfmaster GWN-Q1000

£700 www.g-shock.co.uk

No, that’s not a misprint – you really will have to part with 15-year-old Ford Fiesta money to get yourself a new G-Shock Gulfmaster (actually, when put like that it sounds like a bargain). For your £700 you get an extremely chunky, but at 101g surprisingly light, retro-styled Casio timepiece which can measure water depth, atmospheric pressure, temperature and direction via a compass function. The four meaty buttons make it easy to navigate the tide and sunrise/sunset info, while the light is a simple, retro affair that shines onto the face from below. It’s waterproof to 200m beneath the waves, solar powered, atomic radio controlled and offers an alarm system which warns you of dramatically changing air pressure and weather conditions. As you can judge from this and the name, its appeal is mostly naval, and the bombastic marketing material is littered with words like “courage”, “hurricane” and “murderous” and is aimed at the “toughest men who challenge the deepest seas”. Look
beyond that, though, and it’s actually a quite charming, rugged and capable – but very large –
wrist tool.

VERDICT: An expensive, tough and pleasingly retro-styled marine watch.

BEST FOR: Marine activities.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel