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Expedition Foods Meals

£5.69 upwards www.expeditionfoods.com 

As the name suggests, Expedition Foods specialise in meals for extreme and far-flung places. Consequently, on a trip to the Georgian Caucasus last summer I loaded myself up with a week’s worth of their dried breakfast and dinner packets. On a practical level, they’re a great choice. In the £7.99 dried Spaghetti Bolognaise for two, for example, you’re looking at 230g for a two-person meal providing 500kcal each. Just as the packet suggests, pour in half a litre of boiling water, wait and stir for less than 10mins and your meal is ready. I found the inevitable seams of unhydrated powder in the creases by each meal’s end, but generally there was little waste and I liked the intensely functional attitude the brand takes towards measurable energy levels and input – exactly what you need in an expedition situation. Taste-wise, the meals were entirely inoffensive and felt rich and nourishing on my stomach. They can’t compare to a wet meal for flavour, or home-made food for price but they offer huge calories for slight weight in bomber packaging.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel