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Elliot Brown Canford Mountain Rescue Edition

£360 www.elliotbrownwatches.com

Compared to other “outdoor” watches, the functions available on the Canford are next to nil: it tells the time and that’s it. But that’s not the main story here. As the name suggests this version of Elliot Brown’s durable mainstay is designed as a tribute to the UK’s Mountain Rescue teams. Consequently £36 (or 10%) from every sale is given to support their work in the hills, and members of any such team can contact the brand via info@elliotbrownwatches.com to receive a “significant” discount on their own purchase. The Canford itself is as rugged as you might expect – it’s heavily shock and water resistant – and comes with a crisply etched caseback featuring the Mountain Rescue logo. It’s a fairly big device, and those with more slender wrists or forearms may wish to try before they buy, but if the style suits then this is doubtless a functional timepiece to wear while you work and play, and to feel proud of as you do so.

VERDICT: An elegant timepiece with excellent charitable credentials.

BEST FOR: Karma.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel