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Dryrobe Advance Long Sleeve – Best Buy




£50 www.dryrobe.com

Dryrobes are designed by a British surfer, based on a towelling robe with a hood and waterproof outer that his Mum made for him. Everyone raves about them so I was psyched to test one out. It really is very warm; the ideal thing for keeping warm while wrestling in and out of swimwear. The fleece lining works well to draw water away from the skin and the two-way zip helps with the gymnastics of getting your kit off. There are pockets for everything from hand-warming to valuables-stowing. The weight (1.3kg) and bulk is the only downside. The warning on the website that ‘falling into water while wearing a Dryrobe would present a serious risk of drowning’ is very real. However, there’s an upside to the weight. While getting changed in strong winds by a lake, a gust carried all my clothes into the water, shortly followed by my whole rucksack. The only item still on the bank? My Dryrobe.

▶Verdict: The perfect partner for British swimming, if a little heavy.

▶Best for: Warming up while changing in cold weather.

Review by Sarah Stirling @sarahstirling