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Craghoppers Fusion T-Shirt

£25 www.dofe.org/shopping/dofe-expedition-kit-list/

The Fusion T-Shirt is a base layer that’s designed to be incredibly comfortable and super lightweight.  The fabric incorporates mesh panels for assisted cooling.  Now, I was perhaps a bit hesitant about the look and feel of the mesh panelling, but the more I wore it, the more I realise just how handy it  is when it comes to sweat (something you’re bound to create a lot of when completing walks and adventures like the Duke Of Edinburgh!). Wearing it all day under long hiking conditions and it still didn’t smell too bad… My Dad really appreciated its ‘wash & wear’ feature, as it didn’t even need ironing. Something we’ve found with some other products that claim to be ‘wash & wear’ is they really don’t live up to this claim, but the Fusion T-Shirt definitely does. If appearance is something you’re conscious of, the T-Shirt is form fitting and does come in colours that aren’t as bright as a lot of walking gear; I too have been put off clothes because of appearance, but I really like how this looks. It isn’t too tight that you need to be conscious of your stomach but fitting enough to be stylish.

► Verdict: A comfortable base layer at a great price.

► Best for: Any outdoor activity, either on its’ own or under other layers.

Review by DofE participant Alannah White