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Corrymoor Kidsocks – Best Buy




£10 www.corrymoor.com

Given the strange and unlikely positions in which young children can end up sleeping, you’d be forgiven for thinking that comfort isn’t very high on their agenda. Consequently it wouldn’t seem likely that a pair of high quality, padded socks made from the silky mohair fabric of the angora goat would make a worthwhile purchase. However, we were both very impressed by this effort from Devon-based Corrymoor – in terms of both design and value. From my point of view, £10 is a not-unappealing outlay for the feet of a fast-growing child. From my daughter’s, being given a thick pair of brightly coloured woolly socks to wear was a joy in every sense. After an hour I even managed to convince her to transfer them from her hands to her feet. Being relatively thick and pleasantly padded they saw a good amount of use on our flat’s laminate flooring, but they really came into their own inside wellington boots in the early spring. Did she enjoy the extra comfort they provided? It’s probable. Did I approve? Certainly.

VERDICT: A great value and pleasingly wooly purchase to line wellies and such.

BEST FOR: Cool and rainy conditions.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel and daughter