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Corrymoor Companion – Best Buy




£13.60 www.corrymoor.com

These incredibly warm and traditional, almost-knee-high walking socks may have you reaching for a pair of lederhosen to match. They are a mix of 60% Mohair wool and 32% nylon for stretch. Once again, the high wool content means the pong factor is kept to a minimum. The sole is cushioned and the heel reinforced. Mohair is incredibly durable and very breathable, the rough wool fibres shedding moisture fairly quickly when it has a chance to evaporate. I have no doubt that these will outlive any other sock here, but bear in mind that they are quite thick and likely to be paired with boots, so are best for the cooler months, or as a sleep sock. There are loads of colour options and the price is very attractive.

VERDICT: A traditional and warm Mohair hiking sock.

BEST FOR: Summer high Alps or Winter Munros.

Review by David Lintern @selfpwrd