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Bridgedale Storm Sock (midweight ankle)

£34 www.bridgedale.com

The storm sock is a 3 layer waterproof sock: a nylon outer and a pong busting merino wool inner, with a PU membrane making up the ‘sandwich filling’. There’s lycra built in for stretch and durability, too. The brand say these are midweight but I found the inner to be very thick and cosy. Those layers make for quite a bulky sock so this isn’t something I would wear for winter mountaineering, but I have worn these on a few wet and snowy runs, and on dozens of damp camps (where I take these to slip on under wet trail shoes once at camp) and they have performed brilliantly. Outdoor socks take a hammering, and waterproof ones often fail after a short time. Admittedly I’m not walking miles in these but they are still going strong after 9 months of use.

► Verdict: A bit bulky, but warm, comfortable and waterproof.

► Best for: Welly walks, dog walks, casual running and cold and damp camps.

Review by David Lintern @davidjlintern