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Black Diamond Punisher

£80 www.blackdiamondequipment.com

Fitted, flexible and armoured winter gloves for winter and ice climbing, these offer perhaps the most protection against scrapes and knocks in this group test. The palm and fingertips are goat leather, there’s a secure and slender cuff (Velcro adjusted) that sits under a jacket sleeve very tidily, and the fingers are pre-shaped for a very secure grip on ice tools. There’s also a soft nosewipe on the thumb. However, the Unique Selling Point here is the EVA padding across the knuckles and upper fingers, which protects fragile digits on grades up to WI5. They are lined with the proprietary waterproof B-Dry, which works well enough, at least once conditions are consolidated enough to properly justify their use. The 100g fleece lining means they are not the warmest here (BD reckon they are good down to about -9C, but your mileage may vary) but what you sacrifice in warmth you gain in dexterity. Even with all that useful padding on the back of the hand, the Punisher is still a slender and dextrous glove, useful for when winter metalwork, harnesses, knots, and gear all have to be manipulated without taking them off. Weight per pair 164g.

VERDICT: A tough technical glove, less warmth but lots of protection from rock and ice.

BEST FOR: Ice and mixed climbing.

Review by David Lintern @selfpwrd