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Anatom Q2 Classic Mens Hiking Boots

£140 www.anatomfootwear.co.uk

Another traditionalist in our roundup, the Q2 Classic does what it says on the tin. This time the leather outer is super soft and supple and waterproofing is provided by tri.aria instead of GTX. That softness has its pros and cons – The Q2’s are very breathable and feel like outdoor slippers to wear, but the soft leather does scuff more easily than others in the lineup. As with any boot, take care of them and they will take care of you… and leather uppers often outlast the soles. The Vibram sole here is slightly harder and will be more durable, at the expense of a little grip on wet rock. Otherwise, they perform flawlessly and kept my feet firmly planted on terra firma. The fit is perfect for me: a wide toebox, more narrow at the ankle and with no heel rise. I experienced a small amount of pinching on one foot which soon disappeared as the boots broke in. Weight 775g per shoe.

► Verdict: A great value, traditional leather boot, supple with tri.aria lining.

► Best for: Hill, dale and your inner Wainwright.

Review by David Lintern @davidjlintern