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Altberg Mallerstang

£215 www.altberg.co.uk

The Mallerstang has one aspect of design strongly in its favour: it is available to buy in five different widths. A common trait of Yorkshire-based Altberg’s boots, this means that for many people with foot shapes which simply aren’t catered to by mass produced alternatives, their wares will be the only and best option on the market. Beyond this, the Mallerstang is a top-end mountain-tackling boot made of 3mm thick leather lined with a Sympatex membrane, finished off with a Vibram sole underneath. It’s a B1 boot capable of taking a flexible crampon and weighs a solid 884g. In winter use it’s a warm and capable choice and the sense of security offered by the ankle cuff is good. The rand isn’t as large as on some alternatives and the toe box is only minimal, and yet it still feels like a very solid unit. I’ve had leaks using a Sympatex lining before, due to excessive flex of the upper in motion, which is an issue which the sturdy Mallerstang does not suffer from.

VERDICT: A solid leather boot with the big appeal of multi-width sizings.

BEST FOR: Broad feet.

Review by Dan Aspel @mountainmeeple