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1000 Mile Heat Walk Socks

£17.99 www.1000mile.co.uk

As soon as you put these socks on your feet you immediately feel their warmth. They consist of two layers of soft fabric, which feel thick and cushion your feet (but not so thick that they make your boots feel tight). As with all 1000 Mile socks, the double layer is designed to reduce blisters and I certainly had no hot spots or issues while testing them. The all over paddling keeps your entire foot warm, leading to sweaty toes in hot weather. The cuff is snug to stop it from falling down but its width makes it comfortable on your ankle. They wash well and retain their size but the two layers can move during washing so you may need to reconfigure their shape.

► Verdict: Very warm and comfortable.

► Best for: Winter walking when you don’t want to loose the feeling in your toes.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70