Wasdale MRT – Three Peak Challenger Rescue

Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team in the Lake District have a great YouTube channel highlighting some of the situations that their volunteers have to deal with, and this video of the rescue of a team of Three Peaks Challengers on the slopes of Scafell Pike is worth circulating. As well as offering a great insight into their work, the video also shows some of the negative impacts of the hordes of people that descend upon Wasdale in the early hours of the morning.


The team say: “We were contacted by Police regarding a group of 4 people on the 3 Peaks Challenge who had become lost on their descent from Scafell Pike and one of the party was now wet and cold. The team leader tried to establish their position by phone but unfortunately it was not possible to get a good fix and a callout was mounted to search for the group. They were located below Criscliffe Knotts where they were re-warmed before being escorted back to their vehicle in the valley. 14 team members, incident closed 10:30 am

[Note the problems we are having with Three Peaker Groups - minibuses blocking the access, rubbish left behind, human poo on paths and behind wind breaks, banana skins. Walkers not using the paved paths but going up / down Brown Tongue creating erosion. The Community of Wasdale has great concerns over continuing problems. We as rescuers will continue to pick up the pieces - but we still have large teams going up in extreme weather with no rucksacks, wearing shorts and trainers with little preparation or experience.]“


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