Youth sentenced to life for killing transgender woman with 28 stab wounds – World

Brianna Key was 16 when she was brutally murdered in a park in Warrington, England for being transgender. This Friday, nearly a year after the crime, killers Eddie Radcliffe and Scarlett Jenkinson were sentenced to life in prison. Guardian.

Brianna's body was found face down in the mud with 28 stab wounds on February 11 last year. The crime was described as “exceptionally brutal” and shocked the community.

“They both participated in a brutal, premeditated and cruel murder, which had animosity towards Brianna because of her transgender identity,” the judge said in sentencing.

Premeditated murder

The killers, described as a “danger to society”, were 15 when they began meticulously planning Brianna's murder.

As stated therein security guard, Scarlett begins to befriend Briana when she switches schools and soon becomes obsessed.

Police also found a note written by Scarlett that read, “Saturday, February 11th. Victim: Brianna Key.” The killer also hand-wrote the plan of how and where to stab the victim and created a code to know when to strike on the scheduled day.

In court, Scarlett Jenkinso admitted for the first time that she stabbed Briana Key to death and that she enjoyed planning the murder. He admitted that he wanted to take parts of his friend's body as a “trophy”.

Death Wish and Transphobia

Scarlett's initial psychiatric evaluation suggested she had autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, but the diagnosis was revised to “a severe form of antisocial behavior disorder, one of which is characterized by a lack of empathy.”

“The main motivation for Brianna's death was her deep desire to kill. The messages reveal fantasies and show sadistic motives. Brianna's murder was exceptionally brutal,” the judge said.

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Eddie Radcliffe was “motivated in part by hostility toward Briana because she was transgender.” The young man referred to Brianna as “it” and said he wanted to see her dead so he could see how big her genitalia was.

A confusing case

“This sentencing hearing is one of the most disturbing cases the Crown Prosecution Service has had to deal with. Aged just 16, convicted murderers Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Radcliffe were responsible for the brutal murders of a vulnerable young woman. Her friends, they were jailed and showed no remorse,” said lawyer Nicola Wynne Williams.

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