The Dutch government fell due to disagreements over immigration policies

The Dutch government led by Mark Rutte collapsed after the parties forming the government failed to reach an agreement on a package to deal with the flow of refugees.

Mark Rutte’s Dutch government fell on Friday after the four parties that make up the centre-right government failed to reach an agreement aimed at curbing the flow of asylum seekers to the Netherlands. in advance AFP And this BBCCiting local media.

The split came after Mark Rutte’s Popular Party for Freedom and Democracy proposed a package of measures aimed at making it harder for refugees to enter. The parties refuse to support the proposalsto write Politics.

The prime minister is proposing a limit of 200 refugee family gatherings per month and a two-year waiting period before they can enter the country. A proposal that neither the D66 party nor the Christian Union accepted.

The four parties that form the government in the Netherlands met on an emergency basis this Friday, chaired by Mark Rutte, but failed to reach an agreement, broadcasters NOS and RTL and Dutch news agency ANP said.

The Dutch government has been in office for about a year and a half, and new elections are expected in the fall. BBC. It may be recalled that Mark Rutte has led the Netherlands since October 2010 and through various coalitions has been the longest serving Prime Minister in the country’s history.

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