“Anyway, you’re dead.” Oceangate CEO’s response to Titan Grumman producing documentary

Stockton Rush’s Response and “Arrogant Approach” to “Basic Safety” Discovery Channel Filmmaker Not Sure

It was a test dive to prepare for the filming of a documentary about the Titanic’s journey to the wreck of the Titanic. Photojournalist Brian Weed asked Stockton Rush, CEO of OceanGate, what would happen in an emergency as they were locked inside the submarine. The response was not what was expected, and passengers were “inconvenient”.

“Anyway, you’re dead,” Stockton Rush replied to a Discovery Channel film reporter responsible for recording the documentary “Expedition to the Unknown.” Brian Weed said The insider It was a “very strange” response: “It seemed like a very strange thing to think about, and an almost nihilistic approach to life or death in the middle of the ocean.”

The crew member also said they questioned OceanGate’s CEO about what would happen if they got lost as they were locked inside the submarine. “The ship has four or five days of oxygen,” said Stockton Rush, to which Brian Weed raised the possibility that they might not be found. “Strange” came the reply.

Brian Weed, who boarded with host Josh Gates, described Stockton Rush’s “arrogant attitude” regarding “basic safety” for crew members. The response was the first “red flag” of the diving experience, with a Discovery Channel film reporter saying he felt unsafe: “I was very uncomfortable with the thought of sinking to the depths of the Titanic . . .”

A trip to the ruins was abandoned due to mechanical and communication problems. The dive, which took place in May 2021, was a trial run to record the documentary that summer. However, Brian Weed abandoned the project, citing security reasons, and “Expedition to the Unknown” was later cancelled.

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On June 22 this year, authorities confirmed that a “catastrophic explosion” occurred after the Titan went missing. All five crew members on board died, with OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush among the victims.

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