Erdogan says Ukraine deserves to join NATO

Kiev wants to join the Atlantic alliance, but the US warned this Friday that Ukraine “will not join NATO” after the organization’s summit scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Announcing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Turkey in August, the Turkish head of state said Russia and Ukraine must “return to peace talks.”

“On the 500th day of the Ukrainian people’s war to protect the territorial integrity and independence of their country, we are striving for peace,” Erdogan underlined at a press conference, along with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who visited Ukraine. Turkey.

Russia and Ukraine have been at war for more than a year after Russian military forces invaded Ukrainian territory.

The Ukrainian president thanked the Turkish president for his support for joining NATO.

“I was pleased to hear that the president said that Ukraine is eligible for membership in NATO,” Zelensky told a press conference. He also told reporters that he spoke with his Turkish counterpart about “the security of the Black Sea region and European security,” as well as the Russian invasion of Crimea, the “grain corridor,” defense industry and manufacturing. Drones’ (unmanned aircraft).

The Ukrainian president underlined that “the world wants the continuation” of the agreement to export Ukrainian grain, accusing Moscow of blocking it.

“Russia is behaving as if the Black Sea belongs to it and is blocking ships from going around. It should help the world to overcome hunger and social chaos,” he added.

The Turkish president wanted an extension of the agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain, concluded in July 2002 with the mediation of the United Nations and Turkey.

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“Let’s hope the agreement will be extended,” said Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Russia sees no reason to extend the deal beyond July 17, when it expires.

Erdogan promised to talk to Putin about extending the deal.

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