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Snugpak 2nd Skinz

£21 www.snugpak.com

Snugpak is a brand with strong ties to the military, meaning that you generally get solid, unsophisticated gear that does what it’s meant to for a decent price (and is generally moss green or black in colour, too). The 2nd Skinz is no exception to that. It’s not an elegant garment, and the fit is relatively formless and loose, but it’s made of a tried and tested polyester/elastane mix that wicks away sweat when you’re hot and thus helps keep you dry for when the activity stops and you need to retain warmth. The technology in use is Coolmax, through which fine hairs line the inside of the baselayer, apparently spreading any moisture build-up over a wider area in order for it to evaporate quicker. I found it as effective as the next synthetic layer in that regard, and the price and lightness of design are excellent, it’s just a shame the cut is so un-athletic. You do get a free carry case included though, handy to reuse for other loose items in your rucksack.

VERDICT: A no-frills synthetic baselayer for a fair price.

BEST FOR: Budget buyers.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel