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Mio Alpha 2

£120 www.mioglobal.com

The Mio’s focus is your heart: strap it onto your wrist and it’ll give a solid measurement of your heartbeat without the need for a separate monitor. This is achieved – rather impressively – through optically measuring the volume of blood beneath your skin from moment to moment. The result is that, through various algorithms based on your height and weight, it can then give you calorie, pace, steps and distance data. Connect it to the free smartphone app via bluetooth and you can track progress and set goals. The app isn’t the most pleasing, but the measurements are as neat as the watch itself – which has a beautifully comfortable silicone strap and a sleek, futuristic build (it only weighs 53g) that makes wearing it all day no hardship at all. It’s waterproof to 30m, making it a worthy choice for running, triathlons, swims and more, though the two basic side buttons and big display – simple though it is – make navigating the watch’s functions a little tiresome. You don’t get any navigation function, but for a fitness monitor at a competitive price it’s a great buy.

VERDICT: A focused fitness monitor that’s well built at a good price.

BEST FOR: Fitness training.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel