Javier Mille wins election in Argentina: ultraliberal known as commentator and says he will “end political caste”

Sergio Massa, the United presidential candidate for the Fatherland coalition (center-left), which currently leads Argentina’s government, confirmed on Sunday night (19), what had been expected for several hours, without official data, analysts said: “Javier Millay elected president by majority of Argentines for next four years.”

The defeated candidate and current Minister of Economy highlighted in his speech from his campaign headquarters: “I hope that this is a very long and difficult campaign, serious accusations and respect for those who think differently will continue to be established in Argentina” . In that brief statement he also indicated that he had already spoken with the President-elect.

With nearly 87% of ballot boxes counted, the results were 56% for Javier Mili and 44% for Sergio Massa.

The candidate is defined as ultraliberal and anarcho-capitalist

One of Milei’s most popular projects is closing The central bank, the end of the Argentine peso and the dollarization of the economy, but the destruction of most ministries. The candidate of the “A Liberdade Avança” coalition emerged as a surprise in the primary elections, winning with 30% of the vote and becoming the central figure of the election campaign, the first time the far right has come to power since the recovery. Democracy, 40 years ago.

After working as a university professor and in the banking industry, he became known to the public as a television commentator.

He was elected in a climate of inflation that could reach 200% by the end of the year, and he campaigned against what he called “political caste”, which he accused of living as a parasite on state revenue, impoverishing people. It boosts the economy and hinders the development of the country.

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Speaking with the “World at Your Feet” podcastFrom Expresso, Argentine political scientist Andrés Malamud described Javier Mili as “An anarcho-capitalist who doesn’t trust the state and clones his dog [que já morreu], He is the one who believes he is talking to the divine.” In August, when he won the primary, he thanked “Conan, Murray, Milton, Robert and Lucas”, Dogs.

Conan, now deceased, was named after the 1982 film “Conan the Barbarian”. Others pay homage to economists the new president admires: Murray Rothbard, Milton Friedman and Robert Lucas.

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