A man with a knife chases a woman’s boyfriend (still naked) down the street

UIn the Spanish town of Casteldelfells in Catalonia, a man caught his wife with her boyfriend and chased him with a knife while she was still naked. The incident took place in the early hours of November 1, but the photos have now gone viral.

According to local newspaper El Caso, the man left the house to go to a party and when he returned, he found the woman in bed with another man. Tempers flared and the boyfriend had to run into the street, still naked, to avoid being stabbed.

The chase continued down Murillo Street in the Vista Alegre neighborhood of Castelldefels, where the viral video was recorded, which you can see in the gallery above. “He ate my wife in my house”, shouted the man.

Amidst the chaos, a third person can be heard trying to calm things down and asking another person to call the police.

According to El Gaso, the man was already known to police because of his criminal record. However, no report was filed regarding the incident and no injuries were reported.

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