War in the Middle East. The evolution of the conflict between Israel and Hamas up to the minute

“According to Israeli media, a preliminary investigation by the Israeli police indicated that on October 7, Israeli helicopters bombed Israeli civilians participating in a music festival, meaning that Israeli warplanes caused widespread destruction in the area,” it said. Statement by ANP Ministry of External Affairs.

“Consequently, the ministry considers that the outcome of this investigation casts doubt on Israeli reports of destruction and killings in the area, particularly the photographs and videos that reflect the destruction and fires in several homes as a result of this bombing,” he added.

According to the Israeli version, the Islamist group Hamas – which has been in power in the Gaza Strip since 2006 – attacked Israel on October 7 by launching hundreds of rockets and 3,000 fighters, who killed 1,200 and kidnapped 240. of Gaza.

On that day, a Novah music festival was celebrated near the “kibbutz” Reim, located five kilometers from the Gaza Strip, where Hamas killed 364 people, according to the latest estimate by the Israeli police, the worst incident of its kind. Period. dayContradictory version

Yesterday (Sunday), the Israeli daily Haaretz published an investigation in which, citing official sources, it was revealed that Hamas had no prior knowledge of the music festival and “decided to attack on its own.”

An official source close to the investigation revealed to the daily that several youths were accidentally killed when an Israeli military helicopter gunning for the city of Reim fired on Hamas fighters.

According to a report cited by Haaretz, Israeli forces “had difficulty identifying Hamas fighters” and pilots “used artillery to attack civilians”.

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“Hamas terrorists have been ordered to slowly blend into the crowd and not to move under any circumstances,” the statement said.

“So they tried to fool the Air Force into thinking that the people down there were Israelis. The deception worked for a while until the Apache helicopters got out of control. The pilots had a hard time distinguishing who was a terrorist and who was an Israeli”, he continues.

“On realizing the truth, some decided to use artillery ammunition against the terrorists,” the document explains.

Spokesmen for the Islamic group said at a press conference in Beirut today that “Apache helicopters bombed concert attendees. The burned bodies were the result of missiles and a Zionist plane.”A plea from the Palestinians

After the October 7 attack, Israel launched a ground, sea and air offensive against the Gaza Strip, causing more than 13,000 deaths, tens of thousands of injuries and displacement of more than 1.7 million people, creating a severe humanitarian crisis.

Since then, the Israeli government, along with local and international press, including senior officials from various countries, have visited several Israeli locations near the Gaza Strip attacked by Hamas, confirming bodies, burned homes and destruction. The vehicles were the result of an attack by a Palestinian group.

The ANP, which governs small parts of the occupied West Bank, has now appealed to “all media, UN officials and leaders of other countries” to follow up on the Haaretz revelations and “review their position in light of these revelations”. .

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the ANP’s position as “absolutely absurd”, adding that it “denies that Hamas carried out the brutal massacre at the music festival” and “accused Israel of carrying out” this massacre”.

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“My goal is that after we destroy Hamas, no civilian administration in Gaza will deny the massacre, will not raise its children to be terrorists, will not pay terrorists, will not tell them that life is the ultimate goal. Witness the destruction and dissolution of the State of Israel,” he added in a statement released by his office. .

The coalition government led by Netanyahu, which includes ultra-Orthodox and anti-Arab ultranationalists, is promoting the occupation and colonization of the occupied West Bank, despite opposition from international organizations. – The Palestinian conflict.

Last Thursday, Israel’s national security minister, Itmar Ben Ghir, an anti-Arab extremist and immigrant, said his country should treat the ANP the same way it treats Hamas in Gaza.


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