Italian government approves law allowing detention of children as young as 6 | Italy

The Italian government on Thursday approved a decree to crack down on juvenile crime, allowing children as young as six to be detained.

The council of ministers adopted the decree a week after Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni visited Caivano, a suburb of Naples in southwestern Italy known for high crime and drug trafficking. In July, two 12-year-old relatives were allegedly repeatedly raped by six youths in Kaiwano.

During the visit, Meloni promised to improve security in Kaivano and rehabilitate the abandoned and dilapidated sports complex where some alleged violations took place.

The mandate includes funding for rehabilitation and provision for the appointment of a special security commissioner for Kaivano.

Maloney’s right-wing government, which came to power last year, has sought to get tough on crime. One of the first acts of the new administration was to approve a decree banning these types of parties. frantically.

Prior to his visit to Caivano, the Prime Minister received death threats, in part due to the progressive abolition of the minimum subsistence income in Italy.

One of the messages on social media said locals should “congratulate fisherman Meloni with a rotten tomato for taking away the income of people who live precariously in these areas”.

Another report said he expected Meloni to leave his visit with physical marks on his body “to understand the trouble he had caused.”

After the visit was announced, social media unleashed a series of threatening messages against Maloney, under the pretext of reducing popular support to sections of the population earning minimum subsistence incomes. The ominous news prompted reactions of solidarity from various political circles, from the right to the left.

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