France expels students who disrespect dead teacher’s memory

oh The move will apply to the most serious cases of 179 students registered across the country, Education Minister Gabriel Attal explained during the Government Control Session in the National Assembly today. Acceptance of Terrorism”.

Attal harshly censured the 179 students who decided to “disrupt” and “insult the memory of teachers” to pay tribute, comparing their reactions to the behavior of the “majority” of students honoring ceremonies organized in various schools across the country. .

The minister also indicated that his department would initiate disciplinary proceedings against the 179 students and asked the public ministry to open investigations to determine whether their conduct was classified as criminal.

On Friday morning, Mohamad Moguchkov, a 20-year-old Chechen-Russian national, invaded the Campeta secondary school in Arras, where he attended, and stabbed French teacher Dominique Bernard to death and wounded three others. Name of the Islamic State.

The Mogouchkov attack, classified by French secret services as Islamic extremism, bears some similarities to another attack three years ago, where a young Chechen of Russian origin killed Samuel Baty, a history teacher at the school where he taught.

Samuel Bhatti has been embroiled in a controversy fueled by fundamentalist media on social media, where he has been accused of teaching classes about caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, secularism and the principle of freedom of expression.

Tributes to Barry days after his death led to dozens of incidents at schools by students who rebelled against him.

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