The attack on the hospital killed hundreds in Gaza and sparked outrage in the West Bank

A school run by the UN as a refugee shelter was also attacked. Thousands of Palestinians have sought refuge in hospitals and schools since Israeli attacks


More than 200 people were killed in a bomb attack on the Ahli Arab Hospital in the Gaza Strip. The number was improved by local authorities, with the first estimate of half a thousand dead, which was advanced shortly after the attack, but the number was worsened by many sources.

However, the death toll is expected to worsen as hundreds of people remain under the rubble, according to Gaza’s health ministry.

“Between 200 and 300 people died in the explosion in the Ahli Arab Hospital area. Hundreds of victims are under the rubble,” France Presse said, citing a statement from the Health Ministry of the Hamas-controlled Palestinian Territory.

oh The Ahram portal cites a Hamas source It points to at least 600 deaths at Ahli Arabi and blames Israel for an alleged “massacre” at the hospital.

Israel says it is too early to comment on the alleged bombing of the hospital. The Israeli Defense Forces say they are still investigating whether it was their fault or whether Hamas failed to launch the projectile.

According to military spokesman Daniel Hagari, “There are a lot of airstrikes, a lot of missile failures and a lot of fake news from Hamas.”

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas ordered “three days of mourning” for the victims of Tuesday’s attack on the hospital.

In the West Bank, hundreds of Palestinians demonstrated against Abbas. France Press journalists reported on the ground that there had been clashes between protesters and security forces in the West Bank.

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In Israel, in the center of the country, air raid warning sirens are heard after a hailstorm. Rockets From the Gaza Strip.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has advised Israelis to avoid traveling to Turkey or Morocco due to the risk of anti-Semitic attacks.

Israel’s Security Council warned people in Turkey to leave immediately, raising the alert level to “4” for the border with Turkey and “2” for Morocco.

Refugees under attack

Hospitals and schools run as shelters by the UN have become refuges in recent days for thousands of Palestinians who believed they were safe from Israeli bombardment in the Gaza Strip.

In addition to the attack on the Ahli Arab Hospital, shortly before the bombing of a school in al-Maqassi that served as a shelter for some four thousand Palestinians, the UN Condemned.

At least six people died in the attack, according to the United Nations.


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